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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Organizing your Car

Hi guys and gals,
organizing your car ??!!!
yes, I'm talking about organizing your car !

It is pleasurable experience to watch our car organized and appreciated by others. It gives you a confident outlook and it effaces any trace of uneasiness or diffidence that you may have in your morning air.

The Front Seat Organizer provides unparalleled flexibility, with 3 fully reconfigurable dividers, as well as outside pockets for PDA's, notepads, phones etc. The top flips up to form a tray tat keeps pens, your phone or breakfast from sliding off the seat. Its durable construction will stand up to the toughest daily commute or client road trip.

Leftover coffee? Soft drinks? How do you handle those in your car? Puff 'n Stuff offers an all-in-one solution to keep your car tidy. Now you can have a leakproof trashbag and a standard sized box of tissues within easy reach when you're on the go. Hide the unsightly trash with a snap of the spring-loaded frame. Sealed seams and reinforced, waterproof 600-denier packcloth eliminate leaks and drips. Tuck wipes or drinks into the convenient mesh pockets.

The car has become like a mobile dining room with family outings, commuting, drive-thru dinners - life on the road can generate a lot of trash. Drivers can now contain the mess with TrashStand Floor Litterbag Compact, a family-sized litterbag. The 600-denier pack cloth is made fully leak-proof with a sealed vinyl liner that wipes clean with a swipe. The sturdy lid can be closed to hide the mess and it cleans up with just a wipe. It holds up to 2 gallons of trash!

Pack your drinks, snacks and lunch in this innovative Car Cooler and you'll never settle for drive-thru again. Designed with the driver in mind, hand side flaps let you reach inside without taking your eyes off the road. Hangs from the headrest and can be reached by the driver whether it's in the front or back. One-handed access, easy-clean surface and a sturdy lid. Of course, it's leakproof too!