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Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hi guys and gals,

here is one poetry that was not really appreciated by my peers, more because they considered my other works mcuh superior, when compared to this one, which so ironically happens to be one of my favorites !! What I wanted to bring in this poetry was the extent of the impact of how claustrophobic a feeling like loneliness and bondage can have on a person. I have written it in first person perspective. To all those who might wonder why I had commenced this poem with 'And I am....' , and whether there was a first part or a prequel to this one...!!, well, no, it is basically to elucidate the protracted longing for emanciaption, of the mind, and soul.

Escape :

And I am locked up in a place
where no one else has the right
to be. I’ve written so much,
my walls are empty. I dreamt of dreams
where nightmares are insect bites.
I’ve done things to get other things
off my mind. I have escaped
from the reality I once thronged.
And I’ve seen people virtually invisible
as I am. But we are locked up in our own cells
away from each of our identity.
Although we all share one thought…
adding another helpless malaise soul
in this world.

Composed By,
Praveen Chandar.