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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Confident Body Language

Hi all,

Exuding Confidence is very important in creating the first impression. It speaks volumes about what we're made of. It also very important to take care that our body language does not deceive our otherwise true positives. Giving a confident posture and a non-nebular countenance helps in a lot of ways where there is not much room for verbal discourse. Body language plays a decisive role in communicating non-verbal information about us in various walks of life, so much that it could turn out to be detrimental if it is taken for granted or left dilapidated.

You can make yourself "seem" more confident (even if you are not) with a few body language tricks. Infact, it is very important to practice this. It is also more difficult to pose ourselves as confident in situations where we are actually struggling to get our wits together !

Stand tall. Keeping your shoulders back and holding yourself up to your full height will give you an air of confidence.

Take your hands out of your pockets.

Putting your hands in your pockets is often seen as a sign that you have something to hide, which directly is an insinuation to your diffidence.

Give a firm hand shake, do not make it conspicuously hard though !

Giving a meaningful smile is something that needs serious practice. It is also important to take care that the smile does not appear "rehearsed" or "affected".

Look into the eyes of the second person. Does not really mean staring into their eyes. Just a non-chalant glance at the region between his or her eyes does the trick.

Attire. This is something that needs some deliberation and I would even say research.

It is important to figure out which colors suit you, and more importantly the ones that do not !

Wear something that you would feel comfortable in and which also conforms to the local decorum.

Hope these tips will help you all .