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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Attract her silently !! ;)

Hey guys,

this is for you !

Ain't gettin your words right ? Have a starting problem ?! Not able to accost someone you are attracted to ?

Forget it. Take a break. This time, Let them swallow the trepidation ! you Chill !

There’s more than one way to communicate, and experts will tell you the majority of human communication is expressed through our actions and expressions. If this is the case, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume we could spark interest and attraction without the benefit of words? A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is a meaningful look or a significant gesture. While you will, of course, have to speak eventually, it isn’t essential that the launching pad consist of verbal interaction. Women are generally considered the more sensitive sex -- for better or for worse -- and therefore they’re more likely to notice the little things, things typical men might consider trivial or superfluous. Take advantage of this by making the silent approach a projection of your personality and desire with the absence of words. Your goal, of course, is to land an actual verbal flirting encounter.

The well-rounded Player should be capable of such a task, especially when the human psyche often generates a first impression before the first words are uttered. You should know how crucial a first impression is, and you’re virtually ensuring a great one if you can nail the silent approach. She’ll remember the way you looked at her and the way you looked when she first saw you. If done smoothly, it should work wonders.

You can easily gauge her interest by her reaction. The situation is almost irrelevant; if you attempt to share common ground with only a look, the results in her eyes and facial reaction should be clear.

Bon chance !