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Sunday, September 2, 2007

God's Best Gift To Me - My Mom

God's best gift to me- MY MOM! This is such a cliched statement, yes! But, no one can mean it as much as I do. They see you cannot see God, instead he created this angel called MOTHER. I'm a very happy person today. No regrets. The reason is ONLY my Mom. She keeps me happy and she takes care of me like a 2 year old, when I'm going to be a 21 year old. She feeds me, she pampers me, she protects me, she still loves me when I take my anger out out on her, when I yell at her, she takes care of me, she's so supportive, she's encouraging, she's always there for me no matter how much we fight. Not that she doesn't fight.. LOL! I still do not understand how people can compare some stranger they suddenly meet out of the blue to their Mom or give them more importance? If anyone does, BE ASHAMED! Most of these people, if they find a better person, either better looking or any other reason, lots of possibility that they'd choose the better one over you, except a very few people. Mom's love is like a child's. The child's parents may say, "Don't cry, I shall get you a better toy. Forget this one." But the first impulse of the child is, 'I don't want a better one, I want THIS one.' This is the principle of Mom's love. There shall be no other - the unrepeatable, irreplaceable value of the object of love.

Sometimes when we cease to give the importance she deserves, we never realize it. And even if we do, in our own world we are, we ignore her needs. You think you know it all.. You think you can take care of yourself.. You make mistakes and don't respect her.. When you realize your mistakes, it becomes too late.There can no one in this whole wide world like your Mom. She doesn't love you for a reason. She loves you for what you are.. The sun shines everyday.. Why? Because it is something that's natural.. Not intentional.. Nothing decided that it should shine.. Similarly, a flower blooms.. Why? The same reason.. It does because it just does.. No reason.. Same is your Mom's love for you.. She loves you not deciding to love you or any circumstance or condition.. She loves because she just does and for what you are.. Nobody else can love you that way.. Treat your Mom, the way she deserves to be and betterThis blog is dedicated to my Mom- God's best gift to me..