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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Patience- An anathema

We smile, we frown, we cry, we laugh, we sulk, we get annoyed, we get frustrated and we get ANGRY.. I get angry.. But I never cease to wonder why my anger takes over all the other emotions?! It does and I do not know what can be done about it. It goes beyond control.. There is not one person in this world till now with whom I've not lost my temper.. My Mom has most of the time been at he receiving end (sadly). Why? Why do I shout at everyone? Why do lose my temper easily? Why do I get angry when I see DUMB people? When I begin to think about it, I need trace my life almost 15 years back.. This obviously cannot be something that's come into me all of a sudden, can it? Was I ever controlled by anybody anywhere saying what I did was not right? NOPE! Did anybody ever control me when I yell at random people on the road because they don't drive or walk the way that wouldn't irritate me? NOPE! Were my lectureres able to say anything to me when I used to talk or snub back? Hell, NO!! Nobody did. Yeah, sometimes a few people did but not strong enough that I'd listen! I accept, I'm a brat! But hey! I'm only to brats.. I'm nice to people who're nice to me.

Yet, patience seems to be an anathema for me! To irritate me is probably the EASIEST thing you could do on this earth, and trust me, that's the truth! I don't have the slightest intentions of changing myself! I know I ain't perfect, but hey! who is? I love myself (mind you, not obsessed a like a few would misinterpret). Rarely do I understand that getting angry ain't good, not for others' but for myself.. I wish I could shut my mouth sometimes, really! And I hope soon!