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Friday, December 7, 2007

Stranglehold is an entertainer

Hi gamers,

So we're back with stranglehold. The John Woo classic film has taken the console for its resurrection platform. The game packs all that you wanted to see in a John Woo flick. The game packs that punch and style you wanted to play any day. There have been mixed reviews about this game. But I would tell you, the only problem with the game is that it is too short, and in being so, the game does good for itself. The gameplay is awesome, and entertains you every moment with your guns sexily blazing through the completely destroyable environment. The game also features the favorite Slo-Mo action which puts you into "Tequila Time". You can quickly refill your tequila time by performing some cool moves. Sometimes these moves become mandatory to get across some really difficult levels. The limited quick save option do frustrate you at times, but otherwise the game come really ways to you. In more than a few ways, the game reminds you of Remedy's Max Payne. But, ironically, Max Payne itself was quoted to be a tribute to John Woo's style of action, so it wouldn't make much sense to call this game a rip off of Max Payne ! Max Payne, however became the father to this gaming genre with several others trying to mimic its "bullet time" but miserably failing to make an impact, some of which were Driver3 and True Crime. But Stanglehold does what it does best,a nd never disappoints you. The cut scenes between all that blazing action is very authentically done, and remind you of the corresponding scenes from the original motion picture. Chow Yun Fat, along with other actors have lent their voices, and the voice acting is one of the major pluses of the game. Thankfully the game ain't too long, because, though the action is fantastic, it tends to get repetitive after a while. You have a whole lotta moves to learn and several cool stunts to pull off, but still, the tenth and eleventh time you do it, you find its not as entertaining as it was when you did it the first or the second time ! It happens with anything you take in life ! Just when you think the game is getting repetitive, the game comes to a dramatic close, again reminiscent of John Woo's style of movie making. So, if you are ready for some high octane action, step into Inspector Tequila's shoes, and get loaded !