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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Omaha- How to make a hand

Hi poker faces,

Here is more on how to make an awesome hand. There are several combinations you can arrive at. Lets see some of them here.

There are two major differences between Texas Hold'em and Omaha. First of all, in Omaha each player receives four hole cards rather than two. Second of all, one must use two (exactly two) of the four hole cards, along with three (exactly three) of the cards on the board (the community cards), when making a hand. In Hold'em it is possible to use one, two or none (play the board) of the hole cards.

Example 1

The board: 10h-7s-2h-3h-Kh

In Hold'em: those players holding a Heart now have a flush. Any player holding the Ah now holds the nuts (the best possible hand), the Qh will give the second nuts, and so forth.

In Omaha: any player holding a flush must have at least two Hearts amongst his hole cards. You do not hold a flush if your hand contains only one Heart. Any Ah-xh-x-x combination will be the nut hand.

Example 2

The board: 7h-8h-9s-Tc-Jd

In Hold'em: every player holds a straight 7-J. Any player holding a Q has a straight (8-Q), and any player holding a KQ has the nuts (a straight 9-K).

In Omaha: You must use two cards from your hand to complete a straight. A 5-6-x-x makes the lowest straight (5-9), a K-Q-x-x makes the highest straight (9-K). A 7-8-x-x, 8-9-x-x, 9-T-x-x, T-J-x-x, J-7-x-x, and so forth, completes the J-high straight. Any Q-J-x-x, Q-T-x-x, Q-9-x-x or Q-8-x-x will complete the Q-high straight.

So guess you got the picture of it. So, go ahead and make your hand pal.