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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Online Vs Casino

Hi poker faces there,

There is always this topic that comes up when online amateurs and casino professionals meet up. The duel naturally tends to delve into the advantages that casino play has over online play. As we have already seen the advantages of online poker, let us see what the casino professionals have on their side to out-talk the online poker dudes and dudettes. After all, poker originated on the tables, in the speakeasies down in the streets of 1930 Chicago. The costs of going to a casino to play a live game are high. If you are traveling away from home, you need money for travel expenses like gas, tolls, food and accommodation. Tips for dealers and waitstaff, not to mention bigger rakes, can all add up. Although comp dollars pay for some of this, it is not nearly enough.

  1. Experience: I play online every day so I'm used to it. I pick up players' tells pretty easily, and I'm probably more experienced than most players I'm up against.
  2. Playing only when I'm at my best: Table selection is much better online, and I don't have to wait for a table. If I sit down and realize all the players are good, I can instantly switch. It's much harder to do that at a casino. It's also considered poor etiquette to leave a table at a casino if you win big really quickly. However, when I play online I can easily leave, bank my money and start a new table.
Also are stuff relating to bank roll size and tells :

  1. Bankroll size: When I play online, I don't sit down with more than $600 on a table at any one time. When I am in a casino, it's quite common for me to have $800 or $1,000 in play at once. There's a lot more pressure when a bigger percentage of your bankroll is in play. The last time I was in the casino, I folded hands I would've called while playing online because I would've been out of money if I lost. Playing online also means I have access to all of my money. At the casinos, I only allow myself to use the money I bring, and having a sufficient bankroll is almost as important as being a good player.
  2. Tells: There are certain tells that I've learned from online play, but I don't need to read any social situations online. So even though my knowledge of poker theory, playing the cards and reading online tells has expanded rapidly, my ability to read people in live games hasn't grown; in fact it may have even shrunk.
Whatever it is, online poker is here to stay !