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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hi guys and girls,

Information hunt has always been the craze among the youth ever since the period of renaissance. Information about people, about their findings, about their way of life, about their ancestors, about their habitat, about their languages and everything that you would want to collect information on. The best way to learn things is by looking at what others have learnt. You can get to know all about the world and the dynamics of the human mind by studying others. Spock offers you an amazing search database through which you can search for information and people and get to know of whatever you would want to know about. If you ever imagined or wished for a place that could answer all your Hows and Whats, this place is exactly that, and more. Spock is a people's website. It gives you access to the times and happenings of several personalities, their write-ups, quotations and everything you had wanted to learn about. Searching information has never been made easier. This site gives you a lucid way to hunt for information on the world wide web. Once you get to use Spock, you will understand why you would always wish to come back to spock over and again. gives you access to innumerable sources of information about the stuff and people you always wanted to know about. And just imagine, all the information you wanted, in one place ! Could there be a better place to hunt for your information. There is no second choice ladies and gentlemen. Spock is the place. People can be searched by their names or by a "tag" consisting of a personal piece of information that would best describe them. These tags can be made by the you, or by other Spock members. You can also voice your opinion about a person by voting for or against a tag (this includes pictures of that personality and yourself as well). Although we're not a social network we do have some capabilities such as messaging, scrapping and other features that let you communicate with other spock members and share information and thoughts and ideas. After all this is basically a site that fosters information sharing.

As more and more members join spock every year, the information in it only seems to be growing bigger by the hour. So, all you information hungry people, join spock to quench your thirst for knowledge. This is the best place for you. And its in your hands to make this place better for you and for others who may look forward to join spock in the future. Add multiple tags and opine on the tags of other spock members to foster a healthy communication and strong links between the members and their tags. Hope you are impressed witht he idea behind spock. So don't wait longer. Go spock !

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