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Monday, December 3, 2007

Sabena reacts to indian pilots pouring in

Hi guys and girls,

so you flyers all set to soar ? Well, there is better news here. But it is also to caution you that the pilot shortage in India is being acted upon swiftly, the DGCA and the Airline companies taking out-of-the-way measures to fill the gap between demand and supply. The recent news is about the Sabena Flight training academy, which is the official training place for SpiceJet Cadets.

The Mesa airfield will again host international pilots in training when the Sabena Airlines Training Center relocates this year.
The move will bring about 70 jobs to Mesa when the facility is fully staffed and leave 150 future pilots residing in the Mesa area at any given time, said Sabena's managing director, Kris Vandenbergh.
The move to Mesa comes on the heels of Sabena's agreement to train pilots for Indian airline companies, which will increase the number of aircraft in Sabena's fleet from 22 to 40 and put the training at about 160 flights per day, Vandenbergh said.
Corinne Nystrom, Falcon Field's director, said neighbors shouldn't be concerned about the extra flights.
"That is more activity, but they won't be flying a lot of jet aircraft," she said. "It'll be similar to the aircraft you normally see flying in and out of Falcon."