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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First trial in Playing the players

Hi poker fans,

So we're back with playing the players. Here is how I tried playing the lousy players on my table. Well, it wasn't that simple as I had expected. It could get tricky on you too. So make sure you don't end up finding your players acting cute on you ! I joined a No-Limit table with $3/$6 blinds. I knew that all of the players there were good and I had played with all of them in the past. One was a maniac and the other four were tight, solid players.

When I recorded each hand they had played in my book, I noticed the distinct betting patterns they used. For example, one player named XjohnX would raise any pair $30. When he had a premium hand, AA, KK, or QQ, he would raise $24. I picked up on this fast and called his $30 pre-flop raise. I put him on a pair. I had pocket queens so I knew I probably had him beat pre-flop so I re-raised the pot to $48. He called and we saw the flop Ad-Kh-10c. He went all-in and I made a quick call. He showed down 9c-9h.

The point I am trying to make here is that knowing your opponents makes a huge difference in what you bet and what you fold. I would never have made that call against any other player, but unfortunately for XjohnX, I called his semi-bluff.

I am not advocating that you make a book for each player; I am merely trying to get the point across that at the high limits knowing the players you are up against is crucial. I can't stress enough how important it is that you pick up the tendencies of your opponents at the card table. Also, always remember that this does not hold true for the low limits. Most of the players there are bad and simple basic strategy should be used.

So thats how it went, I know it wasn't all that easy. But hey, cumm'on pal, what is a game of chance without the difficulty and break-neck guessing ! So catch ya at the tables.


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