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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hi people,
we are talking about one of the most awaited movies down south. This movie has captured the attention for more than few reasons. Yes, you got it ! We are talking about Maddy's "Evano Oruvan". This film has Madhavan playing the protagonist with Sangeetha as his pair. The movie was a big success in Bengal. And the director felt that the movie had the potential to be remade only in Tamil, owing to the fact that Tamil cinema is undergoing a positive change.
adhavan's much awaited Evano Oruvan releases this Friday, and expectations are high as the film is a remake of Dombivli Fast, one of the most successful Marathi films made in recent times.

Dombivli Fast was not only a commercial success. It won many international awards as well.

t was Abbas Mastan's idea to make Dombivili Fast in Tamil. They chose Nishikant Kamat himself to direct it in Tamil.

They chose to make it in Tamil because changes are taking place in the Tamil film industry. Films like Pitamagan, Mozhi, Chennai 600028 and Parunthiveeran can become a hit only in Tamil Nadu now.

Nishikant who knew me from the television days wanted me to do the film. When I was asked to watch Dombivli Fast, I was not that enthusiastic because it had been to several international festivals and won awards.

Those kinds of films were not my cup of tea. I see films which work commercially.

My interests are quite different. If you ask me about microbiology, quantum physics, or the latest gadgetry, I can tell you but I don't know anything about art, or art cinema. I can only talk to you about my kind of cinema.

But just three minutes into Dombivli Fast, and I knew Nishikant was the most accomplished director I have met. When the film got over, I could not get up; I was awestruck for the first time in my life. I was disappointed and agonised too beacuse I felt unsatisfied with my current crop of films. I felt there was a complete dearth of realistic story telling.

So don't forget to catch the movie this Friday in theatres.