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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hi people,

I must first apologize for the delay in producing the GRE Quants questions for the month of september 2007. I sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. I was off to Bombay for two days on personal grounds. I have consolidated the Quants questions that have appeared in September 2007 so far from over 70 and odd students who have actually given the GRE. I will be adding more questions shortly. I am continuously working on producing quality and reliable GRE Verbal and Quant preparation material. I hope this database helps you perform better.


Comparison questions :

1. Quantity A: (-6)^4
Quantity B: (-6)^5
Ans: A

2. Quantity A: Time to travel 95 miles at 50 miles per hour
Quantity B: Time to travel 125 miles at 60 miles per hour
Ans: C

3. Quantity A: (9/13)^2
Quantity B: (9/13)^1/2
Ans: C

4. x + 2y > 8
Quantity A: 2x + 4y
Quantity B: 20
Ans: D

5. Quantity A: The number of months in 7 years
Quantity B: The number of days in 12 weeks
Ans: C

6. Quantity A: 1-1/27
Quantity B: 8/9 + 1/81
Ans: A

7. r>s>0
Quantity A: rs/r
Quantity B: rs/s
Ans: B

8. Quantity A: (0.82)^2*(0.82)^3
Quantity B:(0.82)^6
Ans: A

9. For all real numbers a, let a* = 1 - a.
Quantity A: ((-1)*)*
Quantity B: 2*
Ans: C

10. Quantity A: (x - 1)(x)(x + 1)
Quantity B:(x)(x)(x)
Ans: D

11. Consider a triangle PQR
Quantity A: length of PQ + length of QR
Quantity B: length of PR
Ans: A

12. y2 + z2 = 34 and yz = 15
Quantity A: y2 + 2yz + z2
Quantity B: (y + z)2
Ans: D

13. yz < p =" 6" q =" 15" q =" ?"> y > z, which of the following must be a positive odd integer?
Ans: (x-y) (y-z)
The other choices were xyz, x+y+z, ans x-yz.

More questions will be put up shortly. Kindly put up with the delay. I hope you do understand that it is a consequence of my intention to produce reliable content. Questions involving diagrams will be put up in the next post. I am still working on them.

All the Best.
Thank You.

One of my friends, Swaminathan.G, is doing a wonderful job in collecting useful GRE material from several sources, most importantly the ones required for last minute preparation. You may wish to check out his content. I'm sure you will benefit from it. I enclose his URL below:

Praveen Chandar.


Yuliya said...

Your answers on Questions 2, 3 and 12 are wrong.
2. Time to travel 95 miles at 50 miles per hour =1 hour 54 minutes
Time to travel 125 miles at 60 miles per hour = 2 hours 5 minutes
Answer B

3. (9/13)^2=81/169
Answer B

12.y^2 + 2yz + z^2 =(y+z)^2 by default
Answer C

Yuliya said...

Thanks for posting the questions though, as well as all the verbal section. This is great and very useful.