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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hi people,

I do understand that many students have registered to take the GRE during the month of september 2007. I have been getting several requests through mails, phone calls and also comments. I am still working on the September content. I have collected the Antonyms and Analogies for verbal section and around 10-15 quants questions. But I need a little more time to verify the data, be convinced of its certitude, provide solutions and re-check them in order to make the collection 100% authentic. I will put up the verbal questions tomorrow ( Sept 13th 2007) , and the Quants questions should be ready by Sept 17 2007. Kindly put up with the delay. I hope you can understand that the delay is only a consequence of my arduous efforts to produce authentic material.

Thank you.

Praveen Chandar.