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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Praveen's -TOP 5 'BAD' FELLAS - a 2week series

Hi fellas out there..

Am gonna blog on some people not many would want to talk about, or even express possession of knowledge about ! I'm talkin' bout the people your teachers would never think of teaching you. About the people your momma would wish you never knew anything about. About the people, on whom if any news appears on television, your elder sibling would 'as-though-very responsibly' switch the channel ! Yeah..! you got me... I'm talking about the BAD GUYS !! About the CRIMINALS, SERIAL KILLERS, GANGSTERS, DRUG LORDS, TERRORISTS, MOB BOSSES and other designations you would never think of mentioning when your high school teacher asked you "What do you want to become when you grow up?" . . . !!

The world has had its share of bad guys, as much as it has had good guys. In fact, it were these bad guys who actually 'made' or 'beckoned' the good guys to light.. or the more popularly known as 'heroes' !! And the bad guys are just stigmatized with a bad imprint on their foreheads and then made oblivious. Cummon people !, I feel they hav'nt been given the due credit they very much deserve, because they very much played a role in creating history ! I am not trying to draw admiration to them, but jus ' trying to show some light on them and also to emphasize on the necessity to be cognizant of their lives and their contribution to making history.

There are three main reasons why we should know about these bad guys:

*1. They teach us what not to do and what not to be, and what happens if you end up like one of them. In short, they practically show you why you should'nt tread the way you should'nt.

*2. You can use them to point your fingers at and say to your kid " That's the bad guy ! "

*3. Behind every Hero , there is a BAD guy ! -Don'cha wanna know who he is ? (Whats the point in learning about the medicine without knowing the infection it actually cures !! You get my point ?!!) I'm sure it'll help you understand the Hero better.

( And please do not juxtapose the third reason with the more popular saying 'behind every successful man, there is a woman' !! That would really earn me a lot of denigration from the women community !!! )

And many people ( the more orthodox ones i mean ) refuse to talk about the bad guys because they think :

"Oh my .. no way !!..What will my girl friend think of me if she knew I'm interested in knowing about Al Capone or Daud Ibrahim or (our very own) Veerappan !! "


Tell you what, it doesn work that way... and know it :
Gals have always liked the bad guys, man !! ;)
And not the geeks and nerds always... !

I hope I have been successful in convincing you to show interest in the bad guys !!
Now that you are in, let me take you through a 5-episode program that will tell you all that you need to know about 5 of the most popular BAD GUYS in the world, with real pictures and quotes made by them (if available). I have researched on these people for over 2 months. Each episode will cover one notorious personality. The five episodes will be covered in a period of two weeks. The episodes will cover a brief history of their birth and childhood, their social background, about the area of CRIME they worked on, their achievements and nefarious activities they practiced, their culture and life-style, the extent of ill-fame they attained and important incidents and movements they strongly influenced.

Candor Studios presents
- Praveen's TOP 5 BAD'FELLAS -
know the color of what you were taught as 'dark'
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<<September 18th>>
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