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Monday, October 8, 2007


Hi guys and girls,

I was able to collect a total of only 18 questions for GRE OCTOBER QUANTS 2007 as of now. That too only problem solving type. I did receive quite a few comaprison questions, but I was not able to verify them due to incomplete information about the two columns without which I cannot guarantee reliable answers. I am sill analysing them. It will probably take me two to three days to consolidate, verify and then post them. If you have doubts about how to solve any of the following questions, you may request for explanation, I will be glad to send you adequate elucidation on those particular questions. More quants questions for GRE OCTOBER 2007 will follow.

Problem Solving :

( Most of the questions have been re-framed and the values have been substituted with simple ones, but the type of the questions have been preserved )

1. There was a total of L slices of pizza. Mr. X keeps some pizza for himself and divides the remaining slices among Q friends. If each friend receives T slices, how many slices does Mr. X keep for himself? ( re-framed sentences )
Ans: L-(Q*T)

2. A cab-for-hire company costs $1.75 for the first quarter mile and fifteen cents for each additional quarter mile. What is the maximum distance you can travel with $4.90?
Ans: 5 1/2 miles

3. A master builder is building a new house. He gets 3 apprentices who EACH work 2/3 as fast as he does. If all 4 work on it together, they should finish it in what fraction of the time that it would have taken the master builder working alone? ( re-framed )
Ans: 1/3

4. A salesman's income was divided between commission and regular salary. His salary, therefore, varied from week to week. His weekly salaries over a 5-week period were: $406.20, $413.50, $420.00, $425.00 and $395.30. What was his average weekly salary over the 5 week period?
Ans: $412.00

5. A train travels 15 miles per ton of coal when it carries no cargo. When the train is filled with cargo, it travels 80% as far on a ton of coal as it does when it has no cargo. If the train is filled with cargo, how many tons of coal will the train use to travel 160 miles?
Ans: 13 1/3

6. The average (arithmetic mean) of six numbers is 24. If the sum of four of these numbers is 96, what is the average of the other 2 numbers?
Ans: 24

7. A bottle cap factory makes 7,200 bottle caps per hour, how many does it make per second?
Ans: 2

8. X years in the future, Jim will be Y years old. Z years in the future, Jim will be how old?
Ans: Y - X + Z

9. Sam earns $12 per hour and Peter earns $10 per hour. Approximately how much less, as a percentage, does Peter earn than Sam per hour?
Ans: 17 %

10. The original price of a furniture was $50.00. Because the manager of the furniture store thought he could get more money for the furniture, he increased the price of the furniture to 108% of its original price. After a week, the furniture had not sold, so the manager then discounted the price by 10%, and the furniture was finally sold. At what price was the furniture sold? (Values have been changed and sentences re-framed )
Ans: $48.60

**Short method to solve : Since 108% of $50 = (1.08)(50) = $54, the furniture was offered for sale at $54.00. It was sold for 90% of $54 since there was a 10% discount. Therefore, the furniture was sold for (.9)($54) or $48.60. Several questions appear of this type.

11. In 2007, Ramond had a collection of 48 stamps. Since then he has given away 13 stamps, purchased 17 new stamps and traded 6 of his stamps to Peter for 8 of Peter's stamps. Since 2007, what has been the net percent increase in Ramond's collection?
Ans: 12.5 %

12. A pair of fair six-sided dice are rolled. The probability that the sum of the numbers, on the faces up is 12 is what percent greater than the probability that the sum of the faces up is 2?
Ans: 0 %

13. 7 1/5 inches is what fraction of a yard? (1 yd = 36 inches)
Ans: 1/5

14. If A - (B/3) = 1/3 and A + (B/4) = 3/2, find A + B. ( The question was something like this )
Ans: 3

15. A classroom has a ratio of girls to boys of 4 to 3. If the class has a total of 35 students, how many more girls are there than boys?
Ans: 5

16. A cloak was purchased on sale for $140. If it was marked down 30%, what was the original price?
Ans: $200

17. A salesman makes a profit of 5% on his first $1,000 of sales each day, and 7% on all sales in excess of $1,000 for that day. How much commission will the salesman make if his sales are $7,000 in one day?
Ans: $470.00

18. If a**b = ab - b + b², then 3**5 =
Ans: 35 ( Very common question type, you would have observed this in tyhe previous months' databases too )

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Praveen Chandar.


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