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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Update on foreign license conversion

Hi guys and girls, here is the procedure to convert your foreign pilot licences to indian :


With effect from 1 April, 1992, the pilots holding licences issued by the competent authorities of other countries shall meet the following requirements for conversion of their foreign licences to corresponding Indian licences

1. Pass written examination in the following subjects in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Director General of Civil Aviation

i. Air Regulation

ii. Navigation, Flight Planning and Meteorology (composite Paper)

1. Pass Practical Test in Morse Code (Reception - Aural) at the rate of 8 words per minute for commercial Pilot�s Licence, Instrument Rating and Senior Commercial Pilot�s Licence/Airlines Transport Pilot�s Licence.

2. Shall be in possession of a current Certificate of Proficiency for operation of Radio Telephony apparatus on board an aircraft as issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications under the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Rules, 1954.

3. Shall demonstrate his competency to the satisfaction of the DGCA approved Examiner by undergoing a Skill Test by Day and Night. The candidate shall also undergo Oral Test with the Examiner in various aviation subjects including Navigation Meteorology, Aircraft & Engine and Instruments, and performance wherever applicable.

Essentially this means that students will have to undergo training and be issued a Canadian license, upon returning to India they will have to comply with the above requirements write two exams, pass the Morse code practical test, pass a radio exam, and pass both a commercial and a multi engine Instrument exam The requirement for a commercial level medical however that all students would also have to be issued an Indian commercial level medical exam.