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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hi everybody,

We're here for noble cause today. Drug addiction among the youth has taken a meteoric rise in the past few decades. Drug addiction among the youth is a very common phenomenon today, with a 24% rise in young drug addicts every year. And its worse to digest the fact that the percentage rise is only ever increasing as per statistical predictions. Drug abuse has several side effects on the psyche of the addict besides being a potential harm to the young society. Drug addiction also brings along with it a whole lot of dangerous and contagious diseases. Today, illegal trafficking of heroin and cocaine is ever increasing and there seems to be no end to the number of addicts joining the death league by the minute. With more and more victims to drug addiction being reported, it has called upon us, the need to take strident measures to mitigate the alarming and already worsening situation. is a site that has Angel Ministries as its root. Carangel donates cars in order to help fund rehabilitation centers and other homes that lodge drug addicts and tries fervently to help them see a new life. The donation money is also used to make children's short films and anti-drug abuse documentaries to spread awareness about this potential threat. So if you wish to Donate a Car, you can do it right away. Your money will help several thousand lives. Car donations such as this will directly contribute to building more rehabilitation homes for the teen addicts and also for the production of documentaries relating to drug abuse.
They also offer Free Children's DVDs that come for no price. You can get them to see what the films are like. It takes more than mere instinct to take that step towards doing something for the society that fed you all your life. Isn't it time to give back something to it. So make your first car donation today. And see the change around you.

To see the change, be the change.