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Saturday, August 25, 2007



RELEASE DATE : 3 August 2007

DIRECTOR : David Silverman

GENRE : Animation / Comedy

CAST : Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kanver, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley.

PLOT OUTLINE : After Homer accidentally pollutes the town's water supply, Springfield is encased in a gigantic dome by the EPA and the Simpsons family are declared fugitives

BOTTOM LINE : Painfully Rib-Tickling !!


I just got back from Springfield, Vermont where the premiere took place, and I had the great luck of seeing this one for free. From beginning to end it was non-stop laughs. There was some lewdness which could never be done on TV to offer an added treat to adults (many of which have been watching for 15+ years). The epic visual fashion the movie is presented in (along with some minor CGI) really makes it stand out from its television counterpart. Some people maybe be upset that their favorite characters didn't appear, or didn't have enough screen time, but to please everyone would be impossible.

What more to say, the movie is a return to the glory days of the show, those ever yellow times when Homer jumped the gorge, when alien ants threatened the earth and the mono rail came to town. If any of that made sense to you then this is the film to go for this weekend. It is a laugh a minute, unlike most comedy films which seem to think funny is a dirty word. I have to say it is NOT really a kids film (although a child sitting near me was crying with laughter) as some of the lines are very naughty and near the bone. I am keen to see it again to catch all the gags I missed. And thank God Ricky Gervais was not allowed anywhere near it (his TV episode stunk!). So if you're up to you knees in flood water or suffering from some other global disaster right now and fancy a good time your local multiplex is the place to go. Lets face it we all need a laugh right now.

Every joke makes you laugh. There are excellent quotes and great moments. Dan Castellanata does a very good job again. Homer is as funny as in the show. The Simpsons Movie might be the funniest animation movie ever made. You can laugh the whole film through. For Simpsons Fans, it will be the best of all feelings to watch this movie.

The Simpsons has hundreds of characters each with their own fan base, and to incorporate every character thoroughly would make the movie far too long and incoherent. My only (minor) qualm was with the absence of Sideshow Bob.The film hit the mark and delivered the goods. A must-see for any fan of The Simpsons, or anyone looking for a good laugh.


Always with candor,

Praveen Chandar.

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